Getx Microbiotech Co., Ltd.


Main business and services

Getx Microbiotech Co., Ltd. involved industrial microbial control business in Taiwan. We focused on industrial microorganism pollutions in raw materials, processes of production, final products and environment of factory, we supported users in Taiwan to make microbial diagnostic analysis in lab using ISO /IEC Guide 25 to find the contaminants sources in factory, and matched suitable biocides to low down the pollutions and raise the products quality for users.

Major users and applications

Preservations for paints, glues, adhesives, poly urethane/styrene acrylic emulsions, polymer emulsions and dispersions, metalworking fluids, cooling and lubricating emulsions, grinding fluids and nano metallic slurry products, water treatment and petroleum industry hygiene, Legionella control, paper mill wet end slime control and raw materials preservations, disinfectants and surface cleaners for food production and hospital hygiene, the protection of raw leather from bacterial infection, wood preservation, to protect surface of construction raw materials, textiles, plastics and leather from fungal attack, antifouling of ship and wall, slurry of wastes odors control.

Slimicides and Microbiocides

Slimicides major applied in paper mill for slime deposits control. Paper mill used recycled paper with high contaminants of microorganism in wet-end of paper machine, so we need to check the microbial pollution level of white water recycling system and broke tanks. Microbiocides KG-0400 with quick killing bacterial effect to win the strong protection from slime deposits on paper machine system. Microbiocides KG-2501 with good effect to control sulfate reducing bacteria to protect from abnormal H2S contents in process.


Fungicides applied to protect paper surface from fungal attack in white board products stocking stage.


Preservatives applied in sizing agents AKD (alkyl ketene dimer) and ASA (alkenyl succinic anhydride), wet strength include melamine, urea formaldehyde, dry-strength include cationic starch and polyacrylamide (PAM) derivatives, fillers include clay, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, and talc slurries, binders include PVA, styrene butadiene latex, CMC, cationic and anionic hydroxyethyl cellulose (EHEC), modified starch, and dextrin, coating colors, optical-brightening agent and dies.

Cleansaides and System Hygiene

Cleansaides or cleaning reagents applied in shut down of paper machine to remove the deposits by dissolving or disintegrating the deposits in chemical solutions.



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